The political dimension of a place often comes to light through land claims. Wars break out in the name of preserving or eliminating a particular border. Borders that only leave behind ideological and subjective traces on Earth. In “Flèche” the body is a compass that helps us to find our way. Time perpetually erases the memories of the Earth, that’s why we cannot really rely on it. In contrast, the body becomes the most important vessel of human memory.

In “Flèche”, a choreographic project for two performers, Elisabeth Tambwe designs a staged manipulation of bodies and objects in the framework of a video installation.

Who programs our bodies? Our culture, without doubt, but aren’t we also multiple bodies, which were shaped by our life experiences? Elisabeth Tambwe’s incessant questioning of the social body – a familiar landscape that often has a soothing effect – aims to name and characterise our reality. The bodies are reinvented and thereby give the observer a free space for personal interpretation.


CONCEPT / CHOREOGRAPHY: Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe

PERFORMER/ DANCERS: Sebastijan Geč, Elisabeth B. Tambwe

DRAMATURGY: Philippe Riera

LIGHT DESIGN: Martin Schwab

SOUND AND VIDEO: Nicolas Spencer

OBJECTS DESIGN: Grégory Crapet

PRODUCTION: Claire Granier

RECHERCHE: Benoit Jouan, Adriana Cubides

PHOTOS: ©David Visnjic


PRODUCTION: Dig Up Productions

CO-PRODUCTION: donaufestival

video complete