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Und Schwester Makart geht auf Wanderschaft

Und Schwester Makart geht auf Wanderschaft (2019)


After “Haben und Brauchen in Wien”, the Künstlerhaus is using the postponement of the reopening on Karlsplatz to March 2020 for another experiment in curatorial setting. “Und Schwester Makart geht auf Wanderschaft”, staging the encounters of six artists / couples with one artist of their choice, of any origin, but of a different generation.

The invitations resulted in six very different constellations, which for this exhibition enter into spatial dialogues using different media: sculpture, drawing, photography, video and installation. The aim is to build bridges that make discussions about changes in art production, not only within the Künstlerhaus association, exciting and understandable for an audience:

Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe (* 1971) meets
Pierre Molinier (* 1900 / + 1976)

Anna-Maria Bogner (* 1984) meets Fritz Ruprechter (* 1950)

Club Zwei (Simone Bader (* 1964) and Jo Schmeiser (* 1967)) meet
Yen Noh (* 1984)

Evelyn Kreinecker (* 1971) meets Hubert Sielecki (* 1946)

Andrea Maurer (* 1978) meets Gerhard Rühm (* 1930)

Meet Ashley Hans Scheirl (* 1956) / Jakob Lena Knebl (* 1970)
Gerhard Laber (* 1941)