War (2013)


Hoko, the ancestral war dance of the Rapa Nui is the choreographic starting material for WAR. Like other Polynesian dances, which are both identity forming and survival strategies, it was reconstructed to be performed for tourists on Easter island nowadays. WAR explains the customary break within art (contemporary versus folkloric) as a consequence of our colonial relations. Choreographer Amanda Piña and visual artist/filmmaker Daniel Zimmermann transform this original repertoire into a danced manifesto against the advancing uniformization of art. In this perspective, war becomes a tool to sell all sorts of things. A surprising and powerful patchwork of styles against a background of text projections.



Direction : Amanda Piña, Daniel Zimmermann
Dramaturgy: Daniel Zimmermann
Choreography: Pascual Pakarati, Amanda Piña
Choreography assistant: Elisabeth Tambwe,
Lina María Venegas
Dance and performances : Alexandra Mabes, Pascual Pakarati, Amanda Piña, Elisabeth Tambwe
Text : Amanda Piña, Ivo Gurschler
Lights : Stefanie Wilhelm, Victor Durán
Composition and sound : Christian Müller
Visuals : Nicolás Spencer
Costumes : Anke Philipp
Voice-off : Nicola Schößler
Documentation: Krisztina Kerekes

Photos: ©nadaproductions


Production : nadaproductions

Production assistant : Ivo Gurschler
Executif producer : Paula Rossetti

Coproduction : Tanzquartier Wien
With the support of :  ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, Weltmuseum Wien (Steven Engelsman & Jani Kuhnt-Saptodewo), CNCA: Rat für Kunst und Kultur Chile (Macarena Oñate Paublo, Osterinsel), Konsulat / Republik Chile (Teresita Alvarez, Wien)
Financed by MA7 – Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, Dirac – Amt für kulturelle Angelegenheiten (Aussenministerium), Republik Chile und Rathaus Hanga Roa, Osterinsel

Thanks to : Andrea Amort, Meinhard Rauchensteiner