Anomalic (2010)


In Anomalic (a body for the eternity of power), as in any celebration, the installation is built around icons prone to most various interpretations, oscillating between transformism and metamorphoses, even total disappearance. The obsessional presence of clothing and the multiple screens disperse the glance directed towards the fragility of a transformation which is being done.

Nonrelated to a fictional rendez-vous, the audience discovers as it wanders around performances (in the form of happenings) which do not rise from an identification attached to the force of a speech.

What binds the whole of these experiments is without any doubt the fact that we try the formulation of an issue, to find a means of saying without describing, to resist the direct understanding and to solve punctually without giving final solution to a enigma which I take care to let slip by. From translation to interpretation, from transcription to transposition, I filter and scramble the chattering of information and sets up a system of rebounds and equivalences from which the acknowledged goal is to escape the influence of the figuration. Anomalic attempts to present 2 aspects that are clashing one against the other : The unformatted body or time is running and the formatted body or time is frozen.

The formatted body is a dreamed transparent vision. These are bodies trying to occupy space and time while arranging while becoming exhausted to arrange (or by seeking to line up themselves). This is an action which repeats itself similar to a closed circuit on itself; as a horse-gear which turns endlessly, with a propaganda music in loop.

Anomalic is to some extent a critic of conditioning and a rebellion against a form of dictatorship.


Idea, concept, dance : E. Bakambamba Tambwe,
Music : Gilles Leleu,
Video : Francois Ntambue,
Photography : Agnes Zorell,
Dramaturgy : Johannes Maile.
Photos: ©Agnes Zorell


A coproduction with Cie Dixit , STAATSAFFAIRE and WUK-Theatre Vienna, in Collaboration with Théâtre Garage “Cie Oiseau-Mouche” Roubaix/F. Kindly supported by MA7 Vienna and bmukk Austria.