Carré Noir – Afro Vibes Festival – 03rd, 04th and 05th Oct @ 19h30 – Compagnietheater


Facts and fiction blurs. what are we actually seeing?

In this performance Congolese choreographer and performer Elizabeth Tambwe based her choreography on Malevich’s Black Square. A work that is not what it seems, the square is not square and is not black. Two dancers entwine with the audience and the moving decor of this piece makes this an experience where boundaries become blurred lines. Carré Noir plays on our inability to actually perceive. What is real? Facts and fiction are harder to distinguish. Tambwe focuses on our abilities to change our perspective on reality and to stretch boundaries.


Amsterdam | Compagnietheater
Thu 3 Oct 19.30 € 22,50 (with discount € 20,-)  TICKETS
Teaser – (Part of opening program)

Amsterdam | Compagnietheater
Fri 4 Oct 20.30  € 14,- (with discount € 11,50) TICKETS

Amsterdam | Compagnietheater
Sat 5 Oct 20.30  € 14,- (with discount € 11,50) TICKETS

[CHOREOGRAPHY] Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe [DURATION] 60 minutes