Kurswechsel bei 5.0 – 23.11 @7pm – Thalia Buchhandlung

Book presentation
Birgit Fenderl & Sabine Hauswirth
Kurswechsel bei 5.0

Talk & Moderation: Lou Lorenz-Dittlbacher

Portraits of a generation of women reinventing themselves

Self-confident and well-educated, they conquered former male domains in their thirties, believing that the glass ceiling was a thing of the past. However, combining a career, children and a fulfilling private life turned out to be more difficult for many women than they had thought.

How does it feel when the children grow up and the hair slowly turns grey? When many a love affair has failed and you are no longer a professional hopeful? And how does equality between women and men really look in today’s generation of fifty-year-olds?
fifty-year-olds today?

In twenty-two personal portraits, journalist Birgit Fenderl and photographer Sabine Hauswirth trace the attitude to life of the generation of women around fifty.

With portraits of:

Daniela Auer, Shlomit Butbul, Catherine Cziharz, Ulli Ehrlich, Margit Frömmel, Doris Gruber, Sabine Gruber, Kristin Hanusch-Linser, Gertrude Henzl, Megumi Ito, Michaela Kardeis, Sophie Karmasin, Doris Kiefhaber, Angelika Kirchschlager, Manuela Krings-Fischer, Andrea Linauer, Corinna Milborn, Maria Planegger, Nancy Semeda, Katharina Stemberger, Elisabeth Tambwe und Marion Tschirk and a foreword by Johanna Rachinger.