Salon Souterrain edition special : Sensation Afro-Cubaine 27th July @ 17h30 – Oswald-Thomas-Platz

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A project by Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe

The founding of the Salon Souterrain (since 2018) by the Artist Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe who  create spaces for shared speaking and creation.. The idea is to open up the possibility of debate, to stimulate it through imaginative speaking protocols, of course, but also through the simultaneous production of artistic objects. The mobilization of artistic practices is decisive in order to generate imagination, to awaken imaginary skills without which we indefinitely reproduce the same gestures, the same organizations, the same ways of doing and thinking.
Never so much as today, this question of the imaginations was so essential. because today we have to try to invent new places, real, virtual, physical or digital areas, ephemeral, temporarily installed, transient, etc., as we would like to call them.
Through the debates, the performances, the concerts or the exhibitions proposed during the Underground Salons, I wish to create social ties, but beyond that, to question the notion of territoriality, which seems to me to be at the center of contemporary debate. : Is it possible to symbolically open borders thanks to artistic fiction? Are there not also symbolic borders within the same country? So wouldn’t it be necessary to decentralize art and culture, to succeed in bringing them beyond the institutional framework?
The changing political landscape that has been going on since the early 2000s, where parties that defend populist, eurosceptic, and even racist ideas are achieving good scores in central Europe, but also in France, England, etc. For me, creators cannot be content to stand with both feet at the edge of the cliff and to look, for inspiration, at the horizon. This violence must be measured against, at the risk of losing its balance. It is from the confrontation between the fragility of a desire and the observation of a Real that (perhaps) a work or an artistic gesture like that of the Underground Salons is born.

Jahson The Scientist is a wordsman, who uses the art of spoken word performed naked or with music. His music is driven by his background as a Caribbean-African born in London and his studies of Quantum Chemistry which led him to see the boundaries between spirit and science. Centred around Hip Hop his sound includes other influences from Afro-rhythm to jazz and rock and his lyrics revolve around life, race, spirit and the realities life. After his first release with Psychic Phenomena on their Slipstream EP, which won 2 UK Hip Hop Awards, he has since released music as a solo artist and with live bands. He can be found featuring on a number of releases and has been named by Kurier, Lifestyle Star of The Week for his solo EP “No Doubt” and Best of 2016 with his trio “Scatth Brain”. In 2019, his band Sketches on Duality released an album on his label 9Star Records and became FM’s Soundpark Act of the month, today his latest project Black Massiah can be found moving up the itunes charts. Jahson is currently working on solo music and he is also creating a series of workshops and lectures that bridge the gap between science and spirituality called Science of Self.

Yusimi Moya Rodriguez studierte zeitgenössischen Tanz auf der Escuela
Nacional de Artes in Havanna und arbeitete im Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba,dem Folkloreballett Kubas, und als Solotänzerin bei Ebony. Seit 2013 lebt und arbeitet sie in Wien. Sie inszenierte eigene Stücke, etwa „Points of Passage“ im Stift Melk, und wurde mit einem Arbeitsstipendium von Kültürgemma ausgezeichnet. Sie arbeitete mi tChoreographInnen wie Amanda Piña (nadaproductions), Marcel Leemann (PhysicalDance), Gisela Elisa Heredia (tanzcoop), Joachim Schlömer, Osnel Delgado (MalPaso) oder Isidro Rolando Thondike (Danza Contemporanea). Gastspiele führten siein Institutionen wie dem Impulstanz Festival, Tanzquartier Wien, deSingel, STUK,
Belgien, HAU Berlin, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf. Sie unterrichtet in Wien und auf Festivals in Europa und ist Expertin für Cuban Contemporary und Folklore- undPopulartänze aus Kuba.

Sexteto Swing Latino – Sie gehören zu einer der besten Gruppen Kubas – die Musiker verstehen es ganz hervorragend, traditionelle Rhythmen aus Kuba pulsierend zu vermitteln! Sie sind der Inbegriff von: Son, Guajira, Rumba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Bolero, Ritmo Pilon. Alle Musiker kommen von bekannten kubanischen Ensembles, wie Sierra Maestra Septeto Nacional oder Rumba Habana – zwei von ihnen waren Schüler des legendären Pianisten von Buena Vista Social Club, Rubén González. Die Musikband hat auch noch zwei weitere Musiker, aus Lateinamerika, als Gäste in der Gruppe.

Als äußerst professionelle „Volksmusiker“ entwickeln sie sich ständig weiter und präsentieren inzwischen neben den traditionellen Rhythmen – dem Son, Guajra, Cha-Cha-Cha, Bolero oder der Rumba auch andere mitreißende lateinamerikanische Rhythmen  wie die kolumbianische Cumbia und natürlich den heißen Salsa.

Traditionelle Lateinamerikanische Musik ist vor dem aussterben. Mit Sexteto Swing Latino wird jeder Person nochmals vor Ohren geführt, welche Schönheit die traditionelle Musik, aus Lateinamerika, mit sich trägt. Aus diesem Grund gab Sexteto Swing Latino mehrere Konzerte auf der ganzen Welt, wie beispielsweise in Dubai, Malaysia, Italien, Portugal, Spanien, etc.

Liebhaber original kubanischer Musik werden voll auf ihre Rechnung kommen und dem für Salsa- und Latin-Rhythmen schwärmenden, tanzfreudigen Publikum werden die Füße rauchen. Kondition ist angesagt, denn bei Sexteto Swing Latino bleibt kein Stein auf dem anderen.

Anja Kohlweiss: Kostüme