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Speech of Love: Absence (2022)

Speech of Love: Absence (2022)


Fragments d’un discours amoureux” by Roland Barthes as a starting point. This text, published in 1977, is a space for reflection on and a plea for the philosophy of passionate love.

Barthes divides different aspects of love into ‘figures of thought’, which create a text without underlying narrative, hierarchy or development; through alphabetical order, the sequences are juxtaposed, unrelated and of equal weight.

Love is an unknown situation in which one can get lost. People who constantly want to be in control of their lives will (avoid) passionate, desperate love. People who are afraid of falling, who want to manipulate everything like an object, will distance themselves from love. The lovers swim in the middle of a paradox, in a permanent distortion of time and space, where the presence and above all, the absence of the loved one become decisive for life. Here it is indeed this figure, the one that Barthes calls the figure of deprivation: the Absence.

A very simple dispositiv, close to a communication network. Where the performers, the installation of cords, the screen and the camera coexist on the same stage. This performance is in a way an attempt to critical exploration of our relation to the other.

Artistic Concept, Artistic Direction
Elisabeth B. Tambwe

Created and performed by Luca Bonamore, Lau Lukkarila, Evandro Pedroni, David Ketterer, Annick Choco/Alaingo

Dramaturgical Support
Katinka Deecke

Stage/Costumes design
Rimma Ariel Elbert

Music, Composition
Ursula Winterauer

Lights Design
Martin Schwab/Svetlana Schwin

Eduardo Trivinio Cely

Indra Jäger

Special big thanks to
Monika Gintersdorfer

© Photo
DIG UP Productions / Eduardo Trivinio Cely

Supported by
MA 7 Stadt Wien Kultur

fft Düsseldorf, Château Rouge

Produced by
Dig Up Productions