The Barbie Trap (2010)

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An installation consisting of a structure made of pink balloons from which a chain of balloons dissolves and associations with an umbilical cord causes, ends in a pink plastic gun. Some of the balloons, others filled with helium with air and float by on interesting, organic way across the room.

The color pink represents the current hegemony artificial femininity and the resulting manipulation of natural femininity. This contrasts with the organic shape of the balloon fabric, but which symbolizes the strength and fragility of femininity.

The construction of femininity finds especially in the African context high explosive: HIV / AIDS continues to be one of the worst diseases in the world history and the main cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa represents.

With their installation Elisabeth Tambwe wants to represent on the one hand the fragility and vulnerability of marginalized women in this context, on the other hand it emphasizes therefore the fact that they are not merely puppets of globalization, cultural norms, gender roles or biological imperatives, but also the capacity to powerful appearance towards structures they maneuver in constant danger have. Elisabeth Tambwe calls her installation, the artificial structures to become aware, to stand up and shout!, Kick the habit ‘